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Rejected Game Ideas VIII: Gamin’ and Enterin’

4/18/2014 • Posted by A.J.

They. Said. It. Couldn’t. Be. Done. Rejected Game Ideas VIII! If you’ve missed the other seven, then go read all the Rejected Games posts. Those seven are like the seven pillars of glittering wisdom. And this is like, well, the eighth pillar. It glitters like that really cool glittery nail polish. You know the one. Like that – if it was on the nails of a sphinx. Dang! Remember, these were never even considered as real games (they should have been, but were not – yet. Or never. Or, backwards?) and please don’t think they were or someone will remove me from this chair. And I like this chair. So, these are for fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Four times the fun, then that times 2, because this is the eight version. But don’t listen to me, listen to the ninth wonder of the world, Curtis, who once said, “Please don’t steal. Or, if you do, steal well.” Now, on to the finest rejected game ideas ever, eighth style.

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Zombie Gardening Tipz: “Restless as a Willow In a Windstorm” Edition

4/17/2014 • Posted by Zombie

Spring is making attempts to spring, so Zombie is here to help you get your dumb yard in shape for the season while humming Rodgers & Hammerstein songs.

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New Plants vs. Zombies Books for All – Even You!

4/16/2014 • Posted by A.J.

Hello Plants vs. Zombies fans, fans of the written word, and fans of fun things. You may remember that in the past we’ve talked about some of the fantastic and freshly blooming Plants vs. Zombies literature (maybe highlighted by the awesome Lawnmageddon comic from Dark Horse). Recently, a plethora of popping plant and zombie reads have come out – and you should read them! Cause they are awesome. Exhibit A: Plant Your Path:

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