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Ask a Zombie: “Your Absence Ringing in My Ears” Edition

4/23/2014 • Posted by Zombie

Dear Mr. Zombie,

Hello, I’ve found myself in a totally weird situation: I’ve fallen in love with a girl I’ve known for exactly a year, today’s our friend-iversary. I’ve asked her to a prom, and she said yes. There’s one problem; I’m homeschooled, as awkward as can be. I have no idea how to function socially, nor how to dance. Given your position in the undead, I figured you might have the wisdom I need. I’ve never loved anyone than myself before, so I’m as terrified as can be!

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Peggle 2 Update: Everyone Knows It’s Windy!

4/22/2014 • Posted by Dana

When you fire up your Xbox One today and launch Peggle 2, you may notice something has changed. During the night, we released our newest DLC, and it’s truly something special!

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Rejected Game Ideas VIII: Gamin’ and Enterin’

4/18/2014 • Posted by A.J.

They. Said. It. Couldn’t. Be. Done. Rejected Game Ideas VIII! If you’ve missed the other seven, then go read all the Rejected Games posts. Those seven are like the seven pillars of glittering wisdom. And this is like, well, the eighth pillar. It glitters like that really cool glittery nail polish. You know the one. Like that – if it was on the nails of a sphinx. Dang! Remember, these were never even considered as real games (they should have been, but were not – yet. Or never. Or, backwards?) and please don’t think they were or someone will remove me from this chair. And I like this chair. So, these are for fun! Fun! Fun! Fun! Four times the fun, then that times 2, because this is the eight version. But don’t listen to me, listen to the ninth wonder of the world, Curtis, who once said, “Please don’t steal. Or, if you do, steal well.” Now, on to the finest rejected game ideas ever, eighth style.

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