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April Caption Contest: Respect the Rabbit!

4/11/2014 • Posted by Dana

The votes are in, and one entry stood tall above the rest, earning more than double the votes for any other caption! So congratulations to Richard, who dreamed up the caption that lit up the polls!

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New Islands in Solitaire Blitz: Cayman Islands!

4/10/2014 • Posted by guest

Everyone’s favorite girl, Tara, is back with more Solitaire Blitz news!

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Ask a Zombie: “It Was Homage, Rowland” Edition

4/9/2014 • Posted by Zombie

Oh. Hello. I didn’t see you there. Me? Oh, nothing. Just thinking about stuff and wondering if maybe I should write to ZombieAdvice@PopCap.com and let Zombie help me answer some of life’s seemingly unanswerable questions. Maybe I’ll do that. And maybe you should, too.

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