We can hardly believe it's been 10 years since we created Bejeweled®. In the past decade, we've watched it grow from a little Web
game to the world's most popular
puzzle game series — played by over
500 million people worldwide!


In a tiny (and way-too-dirty!) apartment on the outskirts of Seattle, the three founders tinker and re-tinker with the game design. They don’t have much money to produce it, and they’re working with the equipment they have on hand. Their funding, really, is whatever pizza and cola they can charge to a credit card.


A few extra-large pepperonis later, they had a working version of the game, then-called "Diamond Mine." When it came time to test the game, they turned to the most trusworthy source they knew: mom.

“If my mom likes it, who normally doesn’t like games, there must be something there. She may not know good game design, but she knows what she likes.” -Jason Kapalka


The game debuts on Web portals everywhere! At the same time, because “Diamond Mine” sounds too much like another title, the game name gets changed to Bejeweled!


It’s cold outside, and the dot-coms are even colder. The dot-com bubble has burst, and that spells trouble for PopCap and Bejeweled. John, Brian and Jason decide it's time to try selling the rights to the game.


Try before you buy... it’s the big idea that saved PopCap. Everybody else in the game world thought they were crazy, but it seemed like the right idea — make a bigger, downloadable version of hte web game. If people try it and like it, they can buy it! A win-win for customers.


Bejeweled wins Puzzle Game of the Year from Computer Gaming World — the team never thought they'd win any awards — but it was great — and all their success gave them the chance to keep on going, to make other fun games!

Bejeweled inducted into the Computer Gaming World Hall of Fame. It's the only puzzle to game since Tetris to earn the honor!


Bejeweled 2 launches. It’s a bigger, more engaging, visually stunning version of the original game. The colorful vortexes, planetary vistas, and cool special effects are the things the team could only dream about when they made the first

PopCap gets started on a new version of Bejeweled. The plan? Like always, just make it fun. But it can’t be merely another sequel. It needs to be something really good, something so innovative that it could make a great game even greater.


Bejeweled 2 goes multilingual. Parlez vous français? Se habla español? Bejeweled can do it all— in over six different languages! Plus, it’s now becoming a hit on iPod, Xbox, and PlayStation 2!


Since mom helped make Bejeweled a hit, PopCap thinks up a great way to say thanks. On Mother’s Day, moms get Bejeweled for free! The giveaway is so popular (moms aren't the only Bejeweled fans!), it almost overloads our Web site!


Nearly four years in the making, Bejeweled Twist finally arrives. It’s a spectacular new spin on the biggest hit in casual games history. Sure, it took a long time to make... but at PopCap, we always we our time making a game as fun as possible.

Bejeweled makes some new friends. It starts the year as one of the top-selling games for the Apple® iPhone, and then, PopCap releases Bejeweled Blitz on Facebook. The exhilarating one-minute game quickly gains over 10 million players on Facebook, and becomes one of the most popular versions of Bejeweled ever!

Bejeweled turns 10! We cap off
a year of celebration with the release of our biggest and brightest Bejeweled ever — Bejeweled 3.