Seven Seas(TM) Deluxe Readme

Version 1.13
October 16, 2001
Published by PopCap Games, Inc.

Thanks for downloading Seven Seas Deluxe. We hope you enjoy the game!




OS*: Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Processor: 350MHz (minimum); 700+GHz (recommended)
Memory (RAM): 128MB (minimum); 256+MB (recommended)
Free Hard Drive Space: 50+MB
DirectX Version: 7 (minimum); 9.0c+ (recommended)
Sound: DirectX-compatible
Video: DirectX-compatible; 16MB (minimum), 32+MB (recommended)
Color Quality: 16-bit or 32-bit color mode (256 colors may not work)
Controls: Keyboard and mouse
Internet: Internet connection is required to register/unlock game trials � including those delivered via CD-ROM

*You must be an administrator to install this game. If you are using Windows Vista, please ensure that User Account Control (UAC) is activated.



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Bug Reporting

Though we've tried our best to squash all the bugs, every once in a while something we didn't expect pops up...

If you should come across a bug in Seven Seas Deluxe, please report it.

If for some reason the program crashes, it will try to capture any pertinent data and give you instructions on how to send that data to PopCap. This is very helpful for tracking down problems!



If you are experiencing problems with Seven Seas Deluxe, you can contact us at:

If you can, including the following information along with a description of your problem will help us to help you!

  • Title of game
  • Computer manufacturer
  • Operating System (Windows 2000, Windows XP, etc.)
  • CPU type and speed in MHz
  • Amount of RAM
  • Sound card
  • Video card

REGISTRATION [back to top]

If you enjoy playing the trial version of Seven Seas Deluxe, sooner or later you'll need to register!

Benefits of Registering

When you register, it removes all the annoying nag screens and waits from the program, and enables the High Score list. It also allows you to submit high scores to our Internet web page, where you can compare them with players from around the world!

How to Register

To unlock the game, you need to buy a registration code online, and then enter it into Seven Seas.

Buy a Registration Code Online

If you're playing Seven Seas click on the OPTIONS button on the sidebar and then click REGISTER. A dialog will come up onscreen. Click the REGISTER ONLINE link to launch your web browser. You'll need to have an active internet connection!

You can also register via the web. Go to:

Once you're there, follow the directions on the web site to purchase your registration code.

When complete, you will be given a registration code (a 20-character sequence of letters and numbers) keyed to your name. Don't give this to anyone else!

You will also receive a copy sent to your email address. You should write down your registration code in case you ever have a computer crash or need to reinstall Seven Seas for some other reason.

Enter Your Registration Code

You must launch Seven Seas to enter your registration code. Once the game comes up, click on the REGISTER link on the loading screen, or from the OPTIONS menu.

A dialog will come up with space for you to enter your name and registration code. Type these in carefully! If you make a mistake, your code may not be recognized.

The easiest way to do this is to cut and paste the code from the email you were sent, by highlighting the 20-digit number with your mouse, pressing ctrl-c to copy the text, and then pressing ctrl-v to paste it into the registration dialog in Seven Seas.

Be sure to use the same name you gave when you bought your registration code online, or your registration may not be recognized.

Once you've entered your name and registration code, click OK and your copy of Seven Seas should now be registered. You will have full access to all the game's features, with no delay at the loading screen!


If the program doesn't seem to recognize your registration code, check carefully that you've typed it in correctly. Using the cut-and-paste method described above can help prevent mistakes. Also make sure you're using the same name you used to register with.

If you can't get to the online registration site to buy your registration code, make sure your internet connection is working properly. You must be connected to the internet. If it still doesn't work, check back in a little while to see if there was a temporary problem with our servers.

Hopefully this will answer all your questions, but if you're still having difficulties, feel free to contact us at Include as much information as you can about the problem you're having, and we'll get back to you as quickly as we can!


Instructions [back to top]


Ahoy matey! Time to set sail for an ocean full of danger!

You control the White Galleon, and your goal is to eliminate all the Pirate Ships on each level. You can destroy them with your Cannons, or lure them into collisions with island reefs and each other. But beware! There are smarter pirates lurking out there, along with even more dreadful things.


Move your Galleon by clicking on any of the 8 squares surrounding it. You will move into that square unless it's blocked by an island or shipwreck (or pirate, but you wouldn't want to go there anyway!).

Fire your Galleon's cannons by clicking directly on your ship. You'll fire a broadside 3 squares to both the left and the right of your ship. Remember, you can only fire to the left and right, so you'll need to maneuver into place to take out the Pirate Ships!

You can also control your Galleon using the numeric keypad. The numbers around the 5 move your ship, while pressing 0 or the space bar fires your cannons


Seven Seas is a turn-based game. After YOU move, all the Pirates move. Then you get the chance to move again, followed by the Pirates, and so on. You can take as much time as you like deciding what to do.

On Easy level, you'll see red arrows for the first couple waves that show you exactly where the Pirates will go after your move. This will let you plan your strategy. Later, you'll have to trust in your own knowledge of the different Pirates to see you through!

The Pirates will try to collide with you. If they succeed, you'll lose one of the three lives you begin the game with. When all your ships are gone, the game is over!

You must do your best to sink all the Pirates on each level. When you've destroyed them all, you'll proceed to the next wave.

Firing Your Cannons

You fire your cannons by clicking directly on your Galleon, or by pressing the '5' key on the numeric keypad. You'll always fire a broadside to the left and right of your ship. Your cannons have a range of 3 squares unless blocked by an island.

Tricking the Pirates

You won't be able to use your cannons to get all the Pirates! Luckily for you, most Pirates aren't too bright, and in their bloodlust will often collide with island reefs or each other!

Normal Pirates will always steer straight for you, whether or not there's an island, shipwreck, or fellow Pirate in the way. They'll be destroyed if they collide with an obstacle, leaving behind a shipwreck.

Shipwrecks can be fired over with your cannons, but otherwise block movement. Remember you can get the Pirates to crash aground on shipwrecks as well!

Some Pirates are too smart for these tricks! See the Enemies section for more details.


There are 4 whirlpools on each board, one in each corner of the map. Don't be scared! You can use them as an escape route when things get tricky.

Sail into a whirlpool and you'll be transported instantly to a random square on the map. Of course, you could always come up somewhere even worse than where you were before, so be careful!

On later levels, stormy seas will cause the whirlpools to appear and disappear at regular intervals. You'll have to time your approach properly to enter them!


Here's a list of all the foes you'll eventually encounter in Seven Seas:

PIRATES: These are the basic bad guys. Not very smart, but there are lots of them!

CRIMSON CORSAIRS: These red vessels are piloted by experienced pirates, and will never accidentally crash into an island, shipwreck, or other ship. You'll probably need to use your cannons to sink them!

BLUE BUCCANEERS: These rare blue ships are captained by legendary pirate chieftains, and are armed with dual cannons just like you! Unlike other pirates, they're not interested in colliding with you, but in lining you up for their guns! You'll need to be very careful dealing with them, though they have a tendency to blow up other pirates in their mad hunt for you.

SEA MONSTER: This terrible serpent from the briny deeps can't be destroyed. You must simply avoid it! Some of the time the Sea Monster will move randomly, the rest of the time it moves towards you. If you're lucky, it may devour unfortunate pirates by accident.

THE FLYING DUTCHMAN: This mythical ghost ship hovers over the waves, piloted by a literal 'skeleton crew'! It's the most fiendish of all the pirates, seeking you out but cleverly steering clear of your guns. The Dutchman can be beaten, but it'll take all your skills to outmaneuver!

Treasure Island

Every 10 levels, you get a chance at the Treasure Island bonus stage.

Your goal here is to discover the buried treasure chest without accidentally unearthing any of the pirates also buried on the island!

Click on any square with the shovel to dig there. You'll get a clue leading you closer to the treasure.

If you've dug next to a pirate grave, you'll hear an eerie moan, and a number will appear on the spot you dug in. This is the number of pirate graves adjacent to the spot you picked. By carefully coordinating the possible locations of pirates, you can avoid unearthing them!

If you do dig in a pirate grave, the bonus stage ends as the unhappy ghost frightens you away.

If you find the treasure, on the other hand, you get a bonus to your points! The more treasures you uncover, the bigger the bonus gets.

The Sidebar

On the left of the screen is the sidebar that presents you with all the necessary info for your pirate hunt!

At the top is your score. Remember, you earn an extra ship for every 1000 points you score!

Below this is an indicator showing how many vessels you have left.

Under your spare ships is the New Game button. Click on this if you want to interrupt your game in progress to start a new one.

Below this you'll see a plaque indicating the current difficulty level you're playing on.

Under this is the OPTIONS button. Click this to access the various in-game options, such as sound, music, and help.

Near the bottom of the screen is a skull. The number emblazoned on its bony forehead lets you know what wave you're currently facing.

Finally, at the very bottom of the sidebar is the Quit button. When you've had enough sea battles for the day, click on this to return to your mundane land-lubber's life

Options [back to top]

You can adjust several aspects of your game to suit your own tastes.

Game Difficulty

When you start a new game, you can choose one of three difficulty settings by clicking on the three "wheels" at the bottom of the screen.

Easy difficulty starts you with very few enemies, and for the first few levels, their moves are indicated for you ahead of time with red arrows.

Average difficulty presents you with a tougher set of foes to start with, but you earn more points than on Easy.

Finally, Hard difficulty presents the ultimate challenge. Enemies are tough and numerous right from the start, and they just get worse with each new wave. However, experts will be able to score more points here than on any other setting!

In Game Options

You can access these by clicking the Options button on the sidebar during a game. Here you'll see a variety of controls.

You can adjust the volume for the sound effects and music separately. If you want to turn the sound or music completely off, just pull the appropriate slider all the way to the left.

You can also toggle between full-screen and windowed mode, depending on your preference. The game may run slower in windowed mode, especially if you are running your desktop at 32-bit color instead of 16 bit.

From the Options screen you can also access some basic Help and the Registration system (see REGISTRATION section).

Scoring [back to top]

20 pts for every Pirate sunk in a collision (for instance, if two pirates collide, you'll score 40 points)

30 pts for shooting a normal Pirate with your cannons

40 pts for shooting a Crimson Corsair with your cannons

50 pts for shooting a Blue Buccaneer with your cannons

60 pts for shooting a Flying Dutchman with your cannons

End of level bonus:

On Easy difficulty, you get 5 * the number of pirates sunk.
On other difficulty settings, you get 10 * the number of pirates sunk.

Treasure Island:

200 pts for the first treasure you find
+200 for every treasure found after that (so the second treasure is worth 400, the third is worth 600, and so on)

A bonus ship is awarded every 1000 pts.

VERSION HISTORY [back to top]

1.01Initial release!
1.02Minor fixes and graphics tweaks
1.1New Graphics, Sounds, and Tutorials!
1.12Bug Fixes
1.13Bug Fixes

CREDITS [back to top]

Seven Seas Deluxe was created by PopCap Games, Inc.

Game Design:Jason Kapalka
Programming:Richie Cresswell
Art:Josh Langley
Software Libraries:Brian Fiete
Biz Guy:John Vechey

Thanks to all our beta testers and players on for their valuable feedback!


Thanks also to Howard Tomlinson from Astraware! Visit if you want a Palm OS version of Seven Seas!



Please see the End User License Agreement applicable to this game.



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