Water Bugs Readme

Version 1.15
Build Date: 1/10/2008

Developed by Retro64, Inc.
Published by PopCap Games, Inc.

Brief Synopsis:

Those crazy Cosmic Bugs have infested our ocean- and they’re making a huge mess!  It’s up to you to clear them out and restore our precious ecosystem!

Your Goal:

Complete each level by filling in the empty space, but don’t let the pesky little bugs touch your rope!


The controls of Water Bugs are very simple.  Just move your mouse to position your harpoon, and then press the mouse button to release your shot.  The direction of the harpoon is automatically chosen for you; but you can also try clicking the right mouse button to override and pick your own direction.


Every level in Water Bugs has what we call "Quota". Quota is the amount of the level that you have to fill before being allowed to advance to the next.  Quota is always 85%.  That means you need to fill 85% of the level before going to the next one.


There are many different enemies in Water Bugs- each with its own special characteristics.

Frog: This little frog just swims back and forth, pausing each time to land on the pipes.
Lobster: This is also a very basic enemy.  It simply walks around the perimeter of the level.  If it touches a rope you’re making, it will unleash an electrical charge that travels to your harpoon, destroying it.  Be careful though, he speeds up and slows down!
Stingray: The Stingray swims around the perimeter, sticking to the pipes.  But be careful when you shoot, because he speeds up!
Shrimp: This little shrimp seems harmless enough.  It isn’t smart, it doesn’t go fast, and it doesn’t trick you.  But it does have a nasty little habit of pushing walls back that it bumps into, freeing areas that you had previously filled.
Spin Floater: This floating enemy travels very slowly at first, but it starts spinning at an alarming rate!  Once it spins to full speed, it travels at warp speed around the level.
Turtle: Most turtles are slow, unless of course they have a rocket strapped to their shell!  This turtle rockets all around the perimeter, riding on the pipes!  He does, however, pause at all corners.
Jellyfish: The Jellyfish can be quite tricky, as he travels back and forth, bobbing up and down the entire way.  His swimming motion can fool you, so be careful!
Cannon Crab: This slow walker has a devious trick up its sleeve too!  It fires cannonballs into the air.  When these cannonballs land, they take out a small portion of areas that you filled in.
Smart Floater: This is a particularly nasty floating enemy.  It will chase you all over the level, trying to touch the rope you make.  You have to be very smart when dealing with this enemy.  Try luring him to one area, then quickly move across the level and make a fill before he can get to you!
Hermit Crab: This walking crab likes to shoot a small laser burst at your rope. If that laser hits, your rope is destroyed, and you have to start making a new rope.
Crab Walker: This little crab walks around the perimeter, always facing your harpoon.  But when it finds an area you have already filled, it un-fills it with its claws!
Teleporter: This floating enemy vanishes, only to appear somewhere else in the playfield. So be careful with your timing of shots!

Destroying Enemies:

If you manage to fill an area of the board that contains an enemy, it will explode, helping make the rest of the level easier for you to fill.


When you destroy enemies, a power-up will occasionally spawn.  You simply move your harpoon on to a power-up to collect it.  Each power-up will give your harpoon special abilities:


In Water Bugs, you are awarded 1 point for "Cell" in the level that is filled.  A cell is represented by a tiny white dot.  When you make a fill and destroy an enemy, you will receive 100 points.  If you destroy 2 enemies during a fill, you will receive 100 points for the first one, and 200 for the second.  Destroy 3 and get 100, 200, 300.  And so on. You will hear a higher pitched tone for each additional enemy destroyed during a fill.  Destroying a baddie with a bomb, missile, or mine will get you 500 points!  And of course, don’t forget the multiplier power-up, which will increase your scoring even more!

Pausing The Game:

You may press the ESC key to pause the game, or click on the "quit" button, signified by a life ring on the panel.

PC System Requirements:

Windows 95,98,ME, 2000, XP
Intel Pentium 2, 3, 4 running at 333 MHz or faster- or any AMD K6, Athlon or Duron.
Any DirectX capable video card should work just fine.
DirectX 3.0 or later.


If you are experiencing problems with Water Bugs, you can contact us at: http://www.popcap.com/help.php.

If you can, including the following information along with a description of your problem will help us to help you!


Game Design and Programming: Mike Boeh

Art: James Abraham

Engine Code: Michael P. Welch

Audio: Staffan Melin


Version Changes:

Version 1.0
- Initial release

Version 1.01
- Added instructions screen

Version 1.02
- Fixed the rare case of a random crash on certain machines
- Improved performance

Version 1.15
- Bug fixes

Copyright Information:

©2007 PopCap Games, Inc. All rights reserved. Water Bugs was developed by Retro64, Inc. The PopCap Games logo is a registered trademark of PopCap Games, Inc.